Remove Furniture & Non-Furniture

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FurnishND Remove Items

As work needs change or furnishings are added to an office, faculty and staff can request that furniture and non-furniture items such as refrigerators, televisions, and office supplies, be removed from a work space. After placing a FurnishND request, the Warehouse and Delivery team will schedule a time to pick items up.

Furniture & Non-Furniture Removals

Modular Furniture Removals 

Items FurnishND Will Not Remove

Special Notes On Item Removals

Where Will Items Go? 


Furniture & Non-Furniture Removals 

Should faculty and staff wish to remove furniture or other office items from their workspace, requests should be made by completing the FurnishND request form. Warehouse and Delivery Services, who will manage this University program, will work with customers to determine a convenient time for removal. 

Remember to empty all contents of drawers and shelves. Place keys in their locks. 

Faculty and staff should no longer contact NDSurplus to remove items from their work spaces.

Please view the list of items FurnishND will not be responsible for removing.

Modular Furniture

Requests to remove modular furniture should be submitted using the online request form. Because Business Furnishings will handle the removal, charges will apply. Customers will first approve all costs prior to incurring any charges. 

Items FurnishND Will Not Remove
FurnishND team members will not remove some items. Alternative arrangements should be made to remove the following:

  • Modular furniture
  • Food products 
  • Contaminated laboratory ware 
  • Radioactive or bio-hazardous ingredients or materials
  • Plate glass
  • Chemicals
  • Equipment contaminated with asbestos
  • Paint and paint removers
  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Lighting ballast
  • Animals

Special Notes On Item Removals
Please take note of the special notes on item removals described below:

  • Federal Grant & Contract Fund Items: If the item designated for removal was originally procured with federal grant or contract funds, please contact Sheri Cheek at (574) 631-8434.
  • Item Valued Over $5,000: If the item designated for removal has a value great than $5,000, the item will be marked with an asset tag. Please remember to document the asset tag number in the designated space on the FurnishND online request form.

Where Will Items Go? 
The FurnishND team will ensure furniture is either reused to reduce waste and make optimal use of University resources or properly recycled. When removing pieces, the FurnishND team will decide whether items are:

  • Assigned to the University's on-campus furniture inventory for future redeployment across campus;
  • Transferred to NDSurplus for the personal purchase of faculty, staff and members of the community (all non-furniture items, such as refrigerators, televisions, office supplies, etc., will be sent to NDSurplus);
  • Or recycled to give new life to metal or wood components.