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FurnishND Acquire Items

FurnishND presents a single avenue for Notre Dame faculty and staff to submit day-to-day, non-project-related, furnishing requests for personal workspaces, conference rooms, and reception areas. While new furniture and modular furnishing purchases are always an option, faculty and staff can opt to acquire items for free from an on-campus inventory of gently-used items. 

On-Campus Furniture Inventory

New Furniture 

Modular Furniture 


On-Campus Furniture Inventory 
Faculty and staff now have access to an on-campus furniture inventory of high-quality, pre-owned furnishings. This inventory does not include modular furniture (e.g. open work stations, panels).

After receiving an acquisition request, the FurnishND team will cross-reference the order with the University's inventory. If available items meet the request, customers will have the option to acquire furniture for free as opposed to purchasing new pieces from a preferred University vendor. 

Once options have been presented, faculty and staff can make appointments to visit the warehouse and view items in person prior to confirming selections. 

If inventoried furniture does not match customers' needs and faculty and staff are looking to acquire used furniture, FurnishND team members will direct customers to visit NDSurplus. So long as the request is for University-use, customers will not be charged for acquiring items from NDSurplus.

In all cases, the first stop for all departmental furniture acquisitions and removals of work space furnishings should be directed towards FurnishND. 

New Furniture

If an acquisition request is submitted and needs cannot be fulfilled using the University's furniture inventory, the FurnishND team will engage Business Furnishings, the University's primary furniture dealer.

From there, Business Furnishings will work with Notre Dame faculty and staff to identify new furniture options to meet the requested need. Charges will apply for all new furniture purchases. Customers will be notified of fees and will be asked to approve all costs prior to incurring any charges. 

When faculty and staff wish to purchase new items, Steelcase and Steelcase partnership vendors will be sourced first to satisfy furnishing needs. If a vendor cannot meet the required need, Business Furnishings will assist the campus user in locating other University-contracted vendor options.

Modular Furniture Example

Modular Furniture
As with all other requests, orders for modular furniture should be made via the FurnishND online request form.The Notre Dame team will coordinate with Business Furnishings, the University's primary furniture dealer, to fulfill the request.

An off-campus inventory of pre-owned modular furnishings will be available for free. Charges will vary on a case-by-case basis. Customers will approve all costs before incurring any charges.