FurnishND Program for Faculty/Staff

FurnishND - Day-To-Day Furnishing Acquisition, Removal and Repair Requests

NDSurplus - Non-Furniture Items & Personal-Use Furnishings

Facilities, Design & Operations - Renovation & Reconstruction Projects

FurnishND For: 
Day-To-Day Furnishing Requests 

FurnishND is the primary avenue for Notre Dame faculty and staff to submit day-to-day, non-project-related, furnishing requests for personal workspaces, conference rooms, and reception areas.

Customers can: Acquire, Remove or Repair workspace furnishings by first completing an online request form. (This form is only accessible through Google Chrome.)

NDSurplus For: 
Non-Furniture Items & Personal-Use Furnishings

Faculty and staff should visit NDSurplus during store hours if the FurnishND inventory did not meet their needs, if they are looking for non-furniture items (e.g. refrigerators, lamps, and office supplies), or if they are looking for workspace furnishings for personal use.

For departmental workspace furnishing acquisitions, removals, or repairs, faculty and staff must submit the FurnishND request form instead of visiting NDSurplus or contacting Business Furnishings, the University's primary furniture dealer, directly. 

Facilities, Design & Operations For:
Renovation & Reconstruction Projects

The Interiors Project team in the Office of Planning, Design & Construction (Facilities, Design & Operations) will continue to handle furniture needs related to reconstruction or renovation projects requiring construction and paint work, carpet installation, etc.. For these projects, please call (574) 631-4200.