Service Charges

      Free Services                           Charged Services 

       Furniture Acquisition                           New Furniture 
       Furnishing Removal                            Modular Furniture
                                                                   Repair Work


Furniture Inventory at Mason Warehouse

Free - Acquisitions From On-Campus Furniture Inventory
Acquisition, delivery and assembly of items from the FurnishND furniture inventory or from NDSurplus for University-use is available free of charge to departments. 

Free - Furniture and Non-Furniture Removals 
There is no charge to departments for furniture and non-furniture removal requests unless the request pertains to modular furniture

New Furniture Acqusitions

Charged - New Furniture
University departments will be charged for new furniture acquisitions. Charges will vary depending on the selected pieces, needed design work, and delivery as well as disassembly and required removal of existing furnishings. Customers will first approve costs prior to incurring any charges.

Charged - Modular Furniture 
Business Furnishings, the University's primary furniture dealer, will offer users the option to purchase new modular furnishings for University-use, as well as select from an off-campus inventory of used modular furniture components. 

Though the acquisition of used modular components is free to campus departments, charges for any acquired modular item - new or used - will vary depending on the needed design work and delivery as well as disassembly and required removal of existing modular furnishings. 

Faculty and staff will be made aware of all fees prior to incurring any charges. 

Charged - Repair Work
After submitting a request for repair work, Business Furnishings will work with Notre Dame faculty and staff to evaluate the required level of repair.

Customers will be presented with a quote upon appraisal of the furniture and will have the opportunity to approve costs. Departments will be charged in full for all services rendered.